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OUaTiM Fanfiction
Mutual Agreement 
21st-Oct-2005 08:17 pm
Title Mutual Agreement
Disclaimer I own nothing
Pairing Sands/el
Summary Sands and El come to a mutual agreement.

It took a lot of gentle persuasion from El, Sands had refused for as long as possible he battled with every fiber of his being but in the end he gave up he couldn’t refuse any longer.
Their body’s tensed as they touched, it started off nice and gentle then it got faster and rougher.
Sands inhaled sharply he took hold of the hard object, he could hear El’s breathing quickening as he took hold of it. He held his breath and waited a few minutes and then it came.
Sands put his hand on El’s chest he could feel it was slick with sweat El gave a grunt and moved closer to Sands he could feel the American trembling from his contact.
Sands felt shivers run down his body as the speed and forced increased further, he choked back a low moan that threatened to escape his lips.
“Having fun?” El whispered his body tensing as he spoke. Sands grunted in response throwing himself against El.
Sands and El didn’t speak another word enough was said, El knew exactly what Sands thought and what he was thinking, nothing else needed to be said.
In these few moments they had reached a mutual understanding, one that did not need to be sealed with words.
The pace slowed, their bodies slowly moved apart they both let out a deep sigh.
They didn’t speak for a few minutes all that could be heard was their deep breathing. After El thought enough time had past he went to speak but he was interrupted by Sands.
“That was the bumpiest ride of my life, I told you we shouldn’t have taken the bus.” Sands said angrily.
“You were right, next time we’ll take the car!” El said admitting defeat.
Okay a little strange! I got this idea when I was coming home today, the bus I was on was bumpy as anything I swear to God I thought I was going to die!
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