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OUaTiM Fanfiction
OUPATIM/SW Crossover 
29th-Mar-2005 02:36 pm

Here's a fic I started if anyone's interested...

Mother Hen

 Rating: R

 Summary: There's a new man in the agency, and he seems a little unbalanced, so he's assigned a trainer/partner who's directed to keep a close eye on him-much like a Mother Hen. Pre-OUPATIM-about 10 years...Prequel to Cracking of a Fragile Eggshell Mind. It's a prequel to the SW/OUPATIM Crossover

 Cracking of a Fragile Eggshell Mind

 Rating: R

Summary: The local police have all but given up finding the evidence necessary to put Mort Rainey in prison. That doesn’t mean the CIA doesn’t have plans in store involving a young rookie named Sheldon Jeffrey Sands.

 Reviews are greatly appreciated! ;) Hope ya'll enjoy!

30th-Nov-2006 12:04 pm (UTC)
Er... I'm getting "Story not found" for Mother Hen, which saddens me to no end. Help a reader out?
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